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Breeder's tip to help your German Shepherd's ears stand up if they are slow to do so naturally



When  should we intervene?

The ears of a German Shepherd naturally straighten between 2 months for the earliest and around 6 months for the later (often large bones).


Before the age of 6 months it is useless to take any other measures than a perfectly adapted diet which we have verified that it contains vitamin C (in bio available form) because vitamin C comes into play in the synthesis of collagen itself essential to ligaments. Failing that or in doubt, do not hesitate to supplement with Vitamin C; this will be beneficial for the whole ligamentous apparatus.


After this age, and if the ears show no sign of a near recovery (if they are still pressed against the cheeks and very soft), it is necessary to consider the installation of guardians.




Does that worry you?


I am going to offer you my help and the necessary information as well as my experience as a German Shepherd breeder on the subject which confers debate "the ears which hardly ever rise in the foreseen time".


I get a lot of advice from people all over the world who have puppies or young dogs and are wondering about ears not straightening as they would like. Most of these consultations come from people who sometimes worry about little.


By this I interpret that their little doggies are in the 3 to 5 month phase and they are starting to get worried because their ears are not quite straight yet. Normally my answer is clear, you have to be patient, it is necessary to wait until their puppy has finished defining its teeth before being overly alarmed.


Of course, all puppies are different, and like humans, they all have their own genetic characteristics which they are inherited from, this is quite normal! Some puppies may need help to straighten their ears, although they will not go out on their own without giving them a little helping hand.


I put you in my opinion, you should not touch anything before your doggie is 5 months old and especially not improvise with not very credible experiments such as "direct bonding" with any kind of glue directly on the skin . I know of quite a few cases that have damaged their ears for life act this way. So be very careful!


The ears of a German Shepherd puppy or other breeds with head and lupoid ears usually straighten between 2 to 6 months, to take into account the hereditary genetic factor that could delay recovery. Indeed, very often a puppy will have one or both ears erect and all of a sudden they will come back downwards, it is a classic when the puppy starts to change his teeth. You should also know that puppies with strong bone are generally slower in growth and also have their ears raised. And now is not the time to panic, it is time to keep calm and consider the situation with the circumstances described above.


Prevention is the best medicine, how to minimize the risks ...


Avoid sudden and violent games on the ear area, grooming should be done in a normal and natural form without fear. Caresses on the head and ears should be done in gentle and sensible ways.


Make sure your puppy enjoys good health every day. This means clean of intestinal parasites, follow your vet's recommendations. It is very important that your dog receives the antiparasitic treatments also that for the ticks and others.


It is equally important to feed your puppy the best quality food possible and of course that it is specific for his age and breed. His first year of life must be taken in great consideration because it is essential, it will be the basis of his good health for the rest of his life.

A good exercise for his jaw without a doubt will be a generous beef patella bone (preferably boiled) so that he can chew, this will help to consolidate the muscles of his jaw as well as those of the back of the ears which will help in possible straightening. The free-air exercises are very important and recommended for his muscular development and his bones, also very recommendable for his ears.


After the wait,

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