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Sometimes, I can have adults to rehome, retired, in breeding contracts .. These placements are free, it is only asked the costs of sterilization of retirees in return ..
To explain these choices, I cannot keep all the dogs because quite simply there are laws relative to the number of dogs i can keep. No need to have reflections like, that it is a shame, that I do not like my dogs, that once they "bring me no more money" I get rid of them .. Each placement is a heartbreak .. My dogs are my family and I give them my life, but there there are times when you have to make hard and unwanted decisions.
I also think that dogs have the right to have a nice retirement, I give my life for them but my love is still divided by the number of dogs .. I think they have the right to have their little life of pampered, I can see it in my pack, the behavior of a dog in the middle of his fellows is not at all the same as when he is alone with me inside ..

I let my dogs retire around 5 years of age, which is rather young and which allows them to have a great second part of a pampered life.

Placements are followed very very closely and the my babies don't go to the first family to inquire about them.

So if people are interested do not hesitate to send me a message for more information.

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