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Why take the risk of buying a Non-LOF puppy ?

You can have a LOF German Shepherd puppy which includes the traceability of origins, parents are tested for hips & elbow dsyplasia and other most common diseases. For LITTLE price difference ... You have to think that your dog will accompany you for fifteen years, his health is well worth this price difference, right?

Being a breeder is a profession in its own right, it should not be forgotten .. It is not given to everyone to be a
"good breeder"

And behind the price of a puppy there are many things, skills of breeders, selection work and especially costs. We must not forget that breeders are far from rolling in gold, very few breeders manage to live off selling puppies,

because it is necessary to remove the veterinary costs, the costs of dog food, the price of all the tests / Xrays made on the dogs and especially the taxes.
Without taking into acount the exhibition costs (petrol, tolls, hotels, etc.)
My dogs regularly go to shows in France and abroad.

For the greatest respect of our dogs at L'Étoile Chanceuse, our breeding is of the family type, we only produce 1 to 2 litters per year, which allows us to bring to each of our dogs and puppies, all attention they need.

Our puppies come from screened parents:
Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia.
and MD (degenerative myelopathy).

Our puppies leave for their new families between 8 and 10 weeks.

Before joining their new families our puppies are examined one by one, by a veterinarian. A certificate of good health is established and they are identified by microchip, they also are given their first vaccinations.

An information and advice booklet on the specific needs of your puppy (arrival at home, food, health, dewormers, vaccines, etc.) is given to you, as well as a puppy kit including a bowl and a small bag of dog food.

The day of departure, we will take about 1 hour on site to discuss together all the questions you ask yourself about your puppy, his first weeks with you, the transition to his new home, his growth… Allow at least 1 hour 30.

Your pedigree papers will be sent to you later, between 2 and 12 weeks on average depending on the SCC

For the reservation of a puppy, we can send you on request, a reservation contract to be filled with all your details, deposit 300 euros will be required.
Each reservation will be validated only after birth, depending on the number of puppies born, gender, hair, ... Your deposit will be cashed and there will only be waiting in pictures, the 8-10 weeks of your future puppy to collect. If no puppy meets your expectations at birth (gender, hair, etc.), you will have the option of transferring your reservation to another litter or canceling your reservation. While waiting for its 8 weeks, we advise you to visit us.

The character of the puppies begins to appear from 6 weeks of age, it is the age where each takes its independence in the litter, if we consider that your puppy does not meet your expectations in terms of his behavior, we will inform you. and you will have the possibility if you wish, to change your choice or postpone your reservation,…

Do not hesitate to contact me for information and why not, book a puppy.

All reservations will be official once the reservation is returned and the deposit * cashed


* Deposit: Article 1590 Created by Law 1804-03-06 promulgated on March 16, 1804

If the promise to sell has been made with a deposit, each of the contractors is responsible for disposing of it,

Whoever gave them, losing them,

And whoever received them, returning the double.

Future Litters

Why buy a LOF Puppy ?

(Livre des Origines Français)

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