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Breeding L'etoile Chanceuse - German Shepherd LOF

Short and Long Hair

L'etoile chanceuse berger allemands
Mitzi de L'etoile Chanceux
protection de berger allemand
Best in show German shepherd
Niro de L'etoile Chanceux
protection berger allemand
chiots de berger allemand
berger allemand ,piscine
German shepherd long coat
Niro de l'etoile Chanceux

The canine species is wonderful and has an almost infinite number of different breeds with very different life needs. This is fortunate because then there is a suitable breed of dog for almost every lifestyle.

After being seduced by the appearance of German Shepherds, it was the discovery of their temperament that convinced us that this breed suited us.

The German Shepherd is a full-fledged family dog and needs masters invested in him. No need to leave several hectares at his disposal if it is for him to be alone because he would not be happy.
He is also a very versatile sporting dog who can practice all disciplines, his only limits are those of his master!

We hope through this site to make you discover this breed which could perhaps be the one which would correspond to you.

We are aware that it is a great responsibility to give birth to a puppy who commits us for all his life to be present to answer questions and provide advice to their new owners. We also hope to find masters willing to take on this great commitment of adopting a puppy!

If you think that this breed could correspond to you, we invite you to contact us in order to plan a visit so that we can introduce you to our adults, and deepen your project.

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